Every Witch Way

Making Incense


To make your own Non-combustible Incense collect the ingredients with the necessary properties that you require for your magical intent. Lots of Plants and Oils have different properties, ie Rosemary can be used for Healing, Love, Protection, Purification and more, so you don't have to have lots and lots of ingredients. Select one, two, or more of the ingredients that you need. Grind the gums or resins first then add, mixing by hand, the plant material and oils, then grind together, all the time concentrating on the magical intent of the Incense. This enables all the ingredients properties to mingle together as the one you require. Visualize your own power entering the mixture and the outcome you are wanting. You need to visualize the outcome you want and not how things are now. Grind to as fine a powder as you can. Put it in a sealed container. You can now 'charge' or 'empower' it.

You do not need to do this, but it doesn't take long at all and you have already spent time making it, you may as well finish it completely. You can either simply hold the container and visualize your own energy or power entering the mix with the intent you want or you can make more of a ritual of it. Light a Candle with the colour of your intent and again, either visualize yourself with the outcome of your intent, or build up your personal energy or power and see it pouring into the container. You can also state the intention of the mixture, with or without the visualization. When you feel finished snuff out the Candle. You can re-use the Candle for this again. It is now ready to use and does not have to be 'charged' each time. Unless you feel the need.

 This sort of Incense needs to be burnt on a charcoal tablet, in a Bowl or Censure that is half filled with sand or salt, this protects what ever vessel you use. Once the Charcoal is properly lit, start by putting a small amount of the Incense on the Charcoal and it will start to smoke straight away, when the smoke dies down add more.

The more gum or resin you have in the mix the longer it will smoulder. Freezing the resins for a while before hand helps with grinding. This really does help, although if you have a freezer like mine, don't lose it in the debris: ) I have things in there that have been there so long, it would be cruel to take them out now.

Try small amounts to see if it suits you. The Recipes below can be tried at first with 1 part = 1 gram, but they are really just to give you an idea. There are literally thousands of combinations to try, go with what appeals to you and keep experimenting – it's fun!


2 parts Myrrh

1 part Lavender

1 part St John Wort

1 part Jasmine

2 drops Grapefruit Oil



2 parts Frankincense

1 part Mistletoe

1 part Rosemary

1 drop Cinnamon


Cleansing – From Scott Cunningham

3 parts Frankincense

3 parts Copal

2 parts Myrrh

1 part Red Sandalwood



2 parts Copal Resin

3 parts Rose

1 part Rosemary

1 part Orris Root Powder

4 drops Lavender Oil



2 parts Myrrh

2 parts Rosehips

1 part Lemon Balm

1 part Sandalwood

3 drops Eucalyptus Oil



2 parts Benzoin

2 parts Skullcap

2 partsChamomile

2 parts Kola nut

2 drops Bergamot Oil



2 parts Gum Arabic

3 parts Flax Seed

1 part All Spice

1 part Red Clover

3 drops Nutmeg Oil