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Imbolc - 2nd February

Also known as Candlemas, Imbolg, Brigantia, Lupercus, Feast of Brigid, Brigids Day.

Imbolc is derived from old Irish, Imbolg, 'in the belly' referring to the pregnancy of ewes. 

Imbolc is a Fire Festival and celebrates the very beginnings of Spring. The Goddess turns from Crone to Maiden and is celebrated in her Maiden aspect. 

It is a good time to 'spring clean' your life...physically your home, and, your heart and mind. Clear out space for new experiences, ideas and inspiration. 

Imbolc is a good time for dedication or making wishes. Also for fertility and protection spell work. Imbolc eve is the time for divinations pertaining to future family well being and prosperity. 

Deities of Imbolc

All Virgin/Maiden Goddesses, Brighid, Venus, Aphrodite, Vesta, Hestia, Athena, Inanna, Aradia, Gaia, and Februa and Bast.

Gods of Love and Fertility, Eros, Aengus, and Februus, Pan and Faunus. 

Imbolc is traditionally the day to celebrate the Goddess, Brighid (there are many forms of the name – Bridgid, brigit etc.) 

Brighid has many attributes including healing and fertility. Below are links to 2 of the many good articles on the internet. 



Imbolc Traditions and Activities

Light lamps in the rooms in your home, just a few minutes will do. Light a candle in each room. These are to celebrate the returning sun. 

Make Brideo'gas, a Brigids Cross, plant a seed, light candles, spring clean, decorate a plough... 

Stones Associated With Imbolc

Amethyst, Ruby, Garnet, Bloodstone, Turquoise, Onyx. 

Incense For Imbolc

Bay, Basil, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Wisteria, Violet, Myrrh, Frankincense, Rosemary. 

Herbs Associated With Imbolc

Basil, Laurel, Angelica, Bay, Blackberry, Heather, Iris, Celandine, Tansy, Myrrh Coltsfoot, Violets. 

Colours Associated With Imbolc

White, Pink, Light Green, Yellow, Red, Brown, Orange. 

Food Associated With Imbolc

Dairy Products, Onions, Peppers, Garlic, Raisins, Herbal Tea, Spiced Wines, Milk, Honey, Muffins, Scones, Bread, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Poppyseed Cakes. 

Symbols Associated With Imbolc

Besoms, Brighids Cross, Ploughs, Candle Wheels, White & yellow Flowers, Brideo'gas or Brideog, Bridey dolls, Bridie dolls, (usually corn dollies but can be made any way you wish and decorated with natural bits).

Make a Brighids Cross 

Traditionally made with straw or wheat but you can use other materials such as raffia or even pipe cleaners. They were made to hang in kitchens and stables to protect from fire and evil.

Make a Brideog 


Decorate it in anyway you wish. You could maybe sew a dolly out of 2 pieces of cloth and decorate or dress that.


Remember that traditionally the Monday after a Fire Festival, the Fairies move house and are in need of refreshment, leave offerings for them. This could be bread and honey, oatmeal with milk and butter, mashed potatoes with butter and even a dram of whiskey or mix it with milk.