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Essential Oil - Magickal Properties

Essential Oils – Magickal Properties 

These are magickal properties only, some oils are dangerous for certain conditions, pregnant women and nursing mothers – please, please check before using them. Almost all Oils need to be diluted with a Carrier Oil before use on the body, some are extremely irritable to the skin.

Oils can be used in oil burners/diffusers, in or on candles, to anoint yourself, spell bags/pouches, amulets/talisman, in the bath, floor washes, on crystals and stones and general ritual and magick.



Integrity, trust, cheerfulness, can stimulates the conscious mind, helps with decision making,

wealth, attract money, protection, happiness, peace, love.



Comforting, protective, peace spreading, personal power, purification, prosperity.



Strength, balance, help open heart to joy – or direct joy to others, a help for anxiety, depression and insomnia, protection, money, success, confidence, mood enhancer, stress reliever, happiness.


Black Pepper

Endurance, stamina, comfort, physical energy, comforting, courage, motivation, mental alertness, protection.


Carrot seed

Visions, gain insights, help with 'moving on', healing, fertility, aphrodisiac, money.



Calming, soothing, inner peace, help with anger and over sensitivity, communication and cooperation, spiritual awareness, meditation, sleep, love, purification, luck, justice, prosperity.



Personal protection, psychic awareness, helps connect with guides, visions, focus, astral projection, empowering, physical energy, purification, protection, healing, prosperity, creativity, divination, love lust.



Uplifting, healing, cleansing, purification.


Clary Sage

Calming, balance, tranquillity, wisdom, dreams, divination, aphrodisiac, can induce euphoria.


Coriander Seed

Imagination, creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, sincerity, love, healing.



Balance, inner peace, comforting, wisdom, consecration, healing, protection, eases the pain of loss – even death.



Concentration, balancing, visions, healing, health, purification.



Clarity, memory, perseverance, healing, health, purification, courage and can help in warding off psychic attack.



Spirituality, protection, comforting, meditation, visualizing, astral strength, enlightenment, transcendence, purification, can overcome negativity, despair and stress, help with breaking unwanted ties with the past.



Balance, tranquillity, psychic and physical energy, courage, confidence, success, happiness, protection, health, fertility, love.



Empathy, optimism, liberation, courage, makickal and physical energy, success, abundance, money-attracting, a tropical aphrodisiac, encourages passion, sex, love.



Uplifting, generosity, joy, spontaneity, energizing, inner strength, attunement, cooperation, mental clarity, purification.



Balancing, awakening, encouragement, meditation, purification, cleansing, protection, finances, consecration of tools.



Anti-depressant, calming, soothing, relaxes, uplifts, inspiring, boosts self-confidence, dreams, astral projection, psychic dreams, visions, meditation, creativity, compassion, harmony, peace, happiness, fortune, money, aphrodisiac, love, sex, general anointing.



Sincerity, enlightenment, uplifting, protection, gets rid of negative psychic energy, health, healing, purification, love.



Calming, restorative, relaxing, peace, purification, balancing, happiness, love, healing, protection, meditation, dream recall, divination, can aid sleep, can help bring spirituality into everyday life.



Clarity, awareness, rejuvenation, physical energy, health, healing, energizing, purification, love.



Balance, uplifting, calming. Love, psychic awareness, purification.


Lemon Verbena

Love, purification, protection, increases strength to other mixes.



Purification, protection, physical energy.



Calming, peace, sleep, balance, perseverance, health, protection, happiness, helps with grief and loneliness, love, money.



Purification, protection, healing.


Melissa (Lemon Balm)

Peace, gentleness, love, healing, success, helps with anxiety, emotional shock and grief, can help with past life recall.



Calming, peace, acceptance, spirituality, enlightenment, transcendence, meditation, grounding, protection, healing, helps to break through spiritual and emotional blockages.



Joy, calming, peace, money, success, happiness, purification.



Comforting, calming, peace, soothing, meditation, health, luck, money.



Loyalty, enthusiasm, protection, healing, helps in overcoming negative emotions and ties that prevent 'moving on'.



Physical energy, money, fertility, lust, sex, love.



Concentration, mental clarity, regeneration, vibrancy, cleansing, healing, purification, protection, love.



Joy, self-Confidence, harmony, calms and clears mind for meditation, helps clear negativity and 'dark thoughts'.



Love, peace, sex, harmony, beauty, well-being, self-confidence, creativity, protective, divination, blessings, helps in 'letting go'.



Uplifting, clarity, energy, memory, longevity, healing, purification, love, protection. It is a good substitute for any other herb.



Soothing, calming, balancing, help with feelings of despair, meditation.



Wisdom, memory, grounding, courage, perseverance, longevity, spirituality, health, money, protection, purification, energizing.



Astral projection, meditation, blessing, anointing, consecration, protection, healing, purification, love, sexual attraction.


Tea Tree

Cleansing, protection, healing, strength, harmony.



Wisdom, self-esteem, grounding, protection, concentration, meditation, money, unhexing.


Ylang Ylang

Calming, joy, uplifting, enthusiasm, peace, psychic awareness, self-confidence, protection, clears emotional negativity, love, sex.