Every Witch Way

Candle Colour Correspondences

GOLD - The God, Male Energy, Sun, Solar Magic, Prosperity, Finance, Yang. 

SILVER - The Goddess, Female Energy, Moon, Moon Magic, Removes Negativity, Protection, Yin.

BLACK - Absorbing, Rest, Destruction of Negative Energy, Banishing, Mourning Loss, Crone Magic.

WHITE - Goddess, Peace, Protection, Sincerity, Truth Seeking, Happiness, Spirituality, Strength, Moon, Purity & Purification.

IVORY - Balance, Neutrality and Harmlessness.

RED - Passion, Love, Sexual Energy, Fertility, Strength, Courage, Enthusiasm, Will Power, Protection, Fire Element.

DARK BLUE - Primary Spiritual Colour, Peace, Harmony, Truthfulness, Sleep, Dream Work, Patience, Wisdom, Water Element.

LIGHT BLUE- Spiritual Colour, Tranquillity, Dream Work, Brings peace and tranquillity to the home, Healing, Meditation, Patience, Sleep, Helpful in devotional or inspirational meditations.

NAVY BLUE . Empowerment, Concentration, Meditation, Patience.

DARK GREEN - Promotes Prosperity, Money, Good Luck, Fertility, Success, Harmony, Rejuvenation, Healing, Earth Element.

LIGHT GREEN - Abundance, Generosity, Co-Operation, Health, Ambition, Harmony, Healing, Hope, Growth, Peace, Employment, Beauty.

YELLOW - Communication, Activity, Unity, Brings Power of Concentration and Imagination to a ritual, Leadership, Learning, Productivity, Health, Creativity, Blessing, Visions, Solar Magic, Air Element.

PALE PINK - Inner Peace, Femininity, Love, Honour, Unselfishness, Diplomacy, Leadership, Emotional Love, Affection, Friendship. Pale pink also contains the elements of both fire and air.

DEEP PINK- Self love, Enhancing Relationships, Passion.

ORANGE . Kindness, Intelligence, Enthusiasm, Attraction, Authority, Adaptability, Stimulation, Self-control, Organisation, Success, Strength, Luck, Joy, Intellect, Mental Clarity, Awareness. Orange also contains the elements of both sun and fire.

PURPLE . Divination, Psychic Awareness, Psychic Manifestations, Power, Success, Financial Rewards, Independence, Spirituality, Third Eye, Wisdom, Higher self, Ambition. Purple also contains the elements of fire and water.

LAVENDER . Joy, Intuition, Spiritual Shield, Inner Light, Dignity, Harmony, Tranquillity, Inner Child, Spiritual Awakening, Remembrance, Forgiveness.

PEACH . Children, Gentle Strength, Joy, Thanks.

BROWN . Grounding, Healing Animals, Locating lost items, Foundations, Masculinity, The Earth, Hearth & Home.