Every Witch Way

Colour Correspondences

White - Protection, Peace, Blessing,Truth, Meditation, Purity, Purifying, Cleansing, Balancing, Clarity, Divination, Grounding, Guidance, Healing, Higher Self, Hope, Innocence, Optimism, Attracting, Spirituality, Truth, Will Power, Workplace Magic.

White is also thought of as an all purpose candle. White candles can generally be used to replace other colours when they are not available.

Black - Strength, Self Control, Absorbing, Grief, Acceptance, Anger, Negativity, Depression, Deep Meditation, The Afterlife, Banishing, Binding, Protection, Challenges, Karma, Secrets, Determination, Death, Endings, Justice, Loss, Release, Break Hexes, Security, Patience, Persistence, Rebirth, Spirituality.

Red - Passion, Desire, Courage, Assertiveness, Business, Creativity, Energy, Strength, Love, Loyalty, Motivation, Romance, Action, Survival, Change, Enthusiasm, Overcoming obstacles, Power.

Yellow - Friendships, Action, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Communication, Learning new skills, Business, Happiness, Intellect, Inspiration, Knowledge, Wisdom, Pleasure, Stimulation, Travel.

Pink - Love, Compassion, Nurturing, Acceptance, Kindness, Affection, Beauty, Reconciliation, Children, Healing abuse, Fidelity, Family, Friendship, Femininity, Marriage, Passion, Sensuality.

Green - Abundance, Prosperity, Luck, Herb Magic, Acceptance, Action, Agriculture, Beauty, Change, Creativity, Family, Fertility, Harmony, Healing, Longevity, Environment, Nurturing, Partnerships.

Purple - Spiritual Development, Astrology, Psychic Protection, Enlightenment, Emotions, Spirituality, Meditation, Imagination, Influence, Authority, Independence, Power, Truth, Wisdom, Writing,  Addiction, Overcoming fears.

Orange - Confidence, Abundance, Success, Adaptability, The God, Ambition, Pleasure, Celebration, Creativity, Courage, Discipline, Vitality (Energy), Stimulation, Independence, Freedom, Goals, Justice, Money, Positivity, Reconciliation, Strength, Travel.

Blue - Sleep, Dreamwork, Serenity, The Goddess, Peace, Honesty, Healing, Patience, Trust, Mental obstacles, Wisdom, Pregnancy, Leadership, Justice, Career, Marriage, Communication, Interviews, Study.

Brown - Earth, Stability, Animals, Grounding, Material matters, Endurance, Hard Work, Balance, Courage, Finding lost objects, Material Protection.

Silver - The Goddess, Moon Magic, Feminine Energy, Awareness, Psychic Powers, Healing, Intuition, Divination, Money, Fertility, Purification, Hidden Potential, Stability, Success.

Gold - The God, Sun Magic, Masculine Energy, Success, Achievement, Abundance, Ambitions, Money, Creativity, Positivity, Happiness, Divination, Power, Influence, Luxury, Overcoming bad habits & addiction.