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Spirittalk Boards/ouija Boards

New all weather spirit mediator tool. this Spirittalk board can be taken anywhere in any weather , designed and printed for extended prolonged use. Can be easly rolled-up in a tube for storage. Excellent durability produced from Strong PVC material.

Devised by David Ashton.

Extract taken from David Ashton's website:

David Ashton has had his innate spiritual connection since the age of 5 to the extent that by the time he was 11 years old he was communicating with spirit and giving his friends readings, more as he says in a psychic way. He had no family or friends to guide or encourage his abilities, so at around 14 he sought his own spiritual path by attending psychic circles. At this point he used his ability of meditation as his source of understanding and self-awareness, even though he would say he didn't realise he was actually meditating. Knowledge came later on for David, being guided by his guide to certain books in shops and libraries and having books open at particular pages with just what was required. At a very early age he often spoke with spiritual knowledge not knowing where this came from. Never losing this ability, he did for many years leave this gift to one side, but the time came when this became hard to do. So later when his daughter came to him and said dad I have these funny feelings and I don't understand them. He knew he could not leave this any longer, so much so, he and his daughter, guided by spirit energy, set up there own spiritual and self awareness groups in Leicestershire helping many people come to appreciate and enhance there own abilities with the use of their own energy.