Witchy Crafts by Lexa Olick

The most powerful magical objects a Witch owns are those she makes with her own hands. When it comes to crafting, however, it is difficult to find projects that reflect the magical arts. Jam-packed with fun and imaginative ideas, this unique book is designed specifically for Wiccans, offering step-by-step instructions for 60 delightfully witchy craft projects. Weave magic into essential ritual items such as your Book of Shadows and wands. Create magical home décor and concoct recipes for health and beauty. Learn to make a goddess cornucopia, crochet pentacle coasters or a ritual capelet, recycle old tarot decks, make runes out of bottle-caps, create accessories like bags and jewellery, and build a charm box. Witchy Crafts also gives tips on the basics of Wicca, forming a craft group, crafting by the seasons, and preventing common mistakes. Includes color photos, line drawings, and correspondence charts. 312 pages.

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