Twisted Rosewood Healing Wand

This unique wand has been created using twisted lengths of wood, sculpted so as to appear to be braided with the silvery metal that runs in the grooves between each gentle, wooden curve. Stained dark so as to enhance the metallic accents and the rich grain of the wood, you cannot help but to feel the flow of soothing energy that can be channeled down its length. Capped on both ends, it enhances this further with a sphere of quartz on one end, readily serving to filter negativity from the energy you channel and a quartz point on the other end, helping you focus and direct the healing energies that you work within your healing crafts. The whole wand measures approximately 11" in length, rendering it easy to store away when it is not in use and comfortable in your hand as you work your craft. These wands have a red 'Jewel' on either end on the silver bands. It is made from rosewood.

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