Triple Moon Pentagram Altar Tile

Brilliantly crafted of silver-plated brass, this altar tile is a solid piece that gleams with every flash of light across its surface. That surface is fantastically sculpted, displaying a pentagram, whose center becomes the full moon for the triple moon symbol that overlays it. While this central circle is smooth, allowing you to place candles, herbs, and other such items of ritual use within it with ease, each space between the points of the Pentagram displays leafy patterns, sculpted with delightful detail. Together, the pentagram, triple moon and foliage pattern provide a powerful mingling of symbolism. With the Pentagram representing magic and mystery, the Triple Moon representing the three aspects of the Goddess, and the leafy patterns representing the powers of nature and the Earth, all three come together wonderful to show how completely these three things are intertwined. This altar tile is approximately 8 3/4" in diam.

You can no longer get these Tiles - they are the last!

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