Real Witches` Coven by Kate West

For many Witches the Coven functions like a family should, helping and supporting one another. They gather together to honor the Goddess and the God, to celebrate the cycle of the seasons through the Sabbats, to market he phases of the Moon, and work magic at the Esbats. Whether you already run a Coven or are thinking of doing so, whether you are a member of a Coven, seek to join one, or just wonder what they do, The Real Witches` Coven is the book for you. Here you will find information and real-life examples to help you: Become an effective Coven leader Find and select new members Achieve personal and group development Find a Coven and become an effective Coven member Organize rites and rituals Work powerful and effective magic Being a "real" Witch means being a part of the world, not apart from it. Kate West shows you how to share the joys of the Craft while avoiding the problems that come from trying to coordinate any group of free-thinking individuals. This guide is for those who want to smooth the path to forming a Coven and still have time for a "real life." This is a 225 page softcover book.

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