Ornamental Scottish Athame

This heavy weight athame builds upon the old Scottish dirk design to introduce a mystical quality to its appearance. Measuring approximately 8 1/2" in length, it has a pewter hilt composed of interwoven Celtic knots, making for a comfortable, textured grip that fits easily in your hand and reduces weight with its hollow interior. At the base, the pommel of the blade is decorated only with a faceted blue gem set into the metal, catching the light and adding to the mystical allure of the athame. The blade itself is approximately 4" long, double edged, and made of stainless steel, resulting in a high quality blade that is certain to endure the rigors of your ritual crafts. This athame also comes with a plastic sheath, decorated at its tip with a pewter engraving of the symbol for eternity.

Please note, this Athame is not made in Scotland.

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