Grief CMB

The "Grief" Crystal Medicine Bag (CMB) is reiki-charged and contains a collection of powerful gemstones specifically selected to help you gently deal with the loss of a loved one. This is also a wonderful CMB for any type of death that you are going through (leaving a job that didn't serve you or even you just sold your home). It has a strong soothing energy.

This CMB includes:

•Cream deer leather pouch
•Detailed instructions on how to activate and use it

Amazonite - helps one move on
Apache Tear - "sheds" tears for one in times of sorrow
Citrine - uplifts mood and spirit
Dumortierite - helps one cope with grief
Rhodochrosite - helps one overcome sadness and depression
Rose Quartz - heals emotional wounds

About the pouches
Our beautiful butter-soft deer leather pouches were handmade by a lovely couple in a spiritual home and they each have a clear quartz crystal in front to amplify the healing power of the gemstones inside the pouch. One of the unique attributes of the CMBs is that they are very small (1 1/2" x 1 3/4") and light. You can tuck them anywhere! They are the ideal size to put under the pillow or in your pocket. You can use one or several together!

About the gemstones
We use high quality mini gemstones that measure anywhere between 6mm to 12mm, depending on the gemstone. They are all unique and size doesn't matter when working with gemstones because they all have the same powerful healing energy that emanates from them and go where healing is needed. These crystals are already cleansed, charged and infused with Reiki.

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