Goddess Leather Blank Journal

Hand crafted and stitched green-dyed leather, this thick leather bound journal displays on its covers two very distinct and different views of the Goddess. On the front she would seem a wholesome being, nurturing and gentle-featured as she sits in the lotus position. With her chest bared but for her concealing hair, she sits before a backdrop of a woven Celtic pattern, seemingly embracing a starry night in her hands, from which pours the waters of life. On the back cover, you will see a very different depiction. This is the Goddess of womanly wrath, beautiful even as she is frightening; the very image of a woman who will protect her children by any means, and strike with a wrathful hand. This beautiful duality, hand printed and embossed on the leather, shows us how the Goddess provides and destroys as a part of life`s cycle, making it the perfect setting for your witch`s book of shadows. Within this fantastic exterior you will find blank pages that are completely chemical and acid free, and indeed are not even made of tree-pulp! Each page is made from cotton scraps found at the floor of garment factories and recycled biomass, such as fruit and vegetable husks. Not only is this environmentally sound, but it lends to the book a quality that leaves you yearning to write every time you glance it. This blank book is approximately 300 pages in length, with its pages stitched into the binding. Approx. 5" x 7".

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