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Five Pentagrams Altar Tile

This altar tile makes use of the mystical wonder of the Pentagram to create a design perfect for aiding your magickal crafts upon your altar. All but encircling a larger Pentagram, five smaller Pentagrams are set off to one side, largest in the middle with diminishing size as they get closer to the ends. Each of these smaller symbols is linked by a woven pattern of knotwork, connecting the powerful magical symbols within a crescent moon shaped design. This can be a powerful aid in charging ritual items and spells, particularly when you take into consideration that you can turn the moon design so that it represents either the waxing or the waning moon. The perfect addition to your ritual space, this tile is sculpted of silver-plated brass, and sits approximately 8 3/4" in diam.

You can no longer get these Tiles - this is the last one!

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