Cunningham`s Book of Shadows by Scott Cunningham

From moon cake recipes to blessing prayers to spells for tapping the power of stars, this Book of Shadows contains the spells , rituals, invocations, and magical correspondences used by Scott Cunningham in the early 1980s.Readers familiar with Scott`s work will recognize his positive and encouraging voice and practical, down-to-earth approach to living the Craft every day. Also, Cunningham`s Book of Shadows includes an introduction by Llewellyn chairman and owner Carl Weschcke, and memories of Scott from his sister, a teacher, and close friends. Find within this wonderful, 280 page hardcover book insights from Scott Cunningham`s brilliant mind, including


  • Sabbat Lore and Rites
  • Full Moon Rites
  • Consecrations
  • Prayers, Chants, and Invocations
  • Covenings
  • Handfastings
  • Weather Divination
  • Magical Lore
  • Incense and Oils
  • Herbal Grimoire
  • Wine and cake recipes
  • Elemental, Planetary and Color Correspondences
  • The Four Basic Forms of Magic
  • Divination, Handwritten Signs and Symbols
  • Spells and Rituals
  • Rune Magic
  • Places of Magic
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