Bindrunes - Success

Runes were used by the ancient Nordic people as a magical language. Their use ranged from writing messages, making charms or talismans and for predicting the future. In Anglo-Saxon English and Old Norse, the word “rune” meant “secret law, mystery and magical signs”.

Bindrunes combine the individual meanings of each rune sign to create an immensely powerful talisman, drawing on each of the runic individual meanings to create a vortex of magical energy. Crafted in allergen-free zinc alloy, and with brass and copper coloured Bindrune, the pendant is supplied with an 18″ chain, a lovely satin carry pouch and a detailed leaflet explaining the runes and giving details of how to charge the pendant. The pendant is reversible, with all the Futhark runes shown on the other side.

Measures 4 x 3 cm.

The rune signs Man, Eoh and Aesc combine to bring bindrunes for success

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