Every Witch Way

Colour Correspondences

WHITE - The Lady and The Lord together, Full Moon Magick, protection, blessing, truth, meditation, purity, peace, sincerity, justice, healing, warding off of doubts and fears, wisdom, innocence. Can be used as a replacement for any other colour.

BLACK - absorbing negativity, ward-off negativity, remove hexes, protection, spirit contact, the universe, night, truth, remove discord or confusion, binding, breaking free from bad habits and addictions, depression, deep meditation, opens up deep unconscious levels.

BROWN - stability, earth elemental, animal health, steadiness, grounding, houses and homes, physical objects, uncertainties, endurance, family and pets, healing animals, finding lost objects.

GOLD - The God, solar energy, power, physical strength, success, achievement, mental growth, skill sought, healing energy, intuition, divination, fortune, healing energy, overcoming bad habits and addictions, sun-deities, solar energies, and masculine energy. Abundant self confidence, creativity, perfection, financial riches, success in investments, luxury, worldly power, magickal power.

SILVER - The Goddess, lunar magick, Moon Goddesses, meditation, psychic, female energy, rebirth, reincarnation, healing of hormonal imbalances, emotional stability, remove or neutralize negativity, intuition, dreams, psychic abilities and psychic workings, development, success, balance, wards off negativity.

RED - willpower, success, fire elemental, strength, vitality, power, health, vigor, enthusiasm, energy, courage, passion, lust, sexuality, protection.

ORANGE - emotional strength, The God, strength, pulling things to you, adaptability, luck, vitality, encouragement, clearing the mind, prosperity, dominance, physical and magickal energy, creativity, healing, success in legal matters.

LIGHT BLUE/BLUE - serenity, security, peace, healing.

DARK BLUE/BLUE - success in long-term plans, health, psychic awareness, opportunity, understanding, quests, safe journey, patience, intuition, tranquility, ward off depression, clarity, The Goddess, water elemental, truth, dreams, protection, change, impulse, meditation.

PURPLE - spiritual development, psychic abilities, power, intuition, ambition, healing, progress, business, luck, spiritual communication, protection, occult wisdom, meditation.

GREEN – Lord and Lady, growth, fertility, earth elemental, herb magick, nature-type faerie magick, luck, healing, harmony, balance, employment, prosperity, courage, agriculture, changing direction or attitudes, growth.

YELLOW - communication, travel, air elemental, clairvoyance, intellectual growth, prosperity, mental power, learning, changes, harmony, creativity, confidence, communication, study, divination.

PINK - romance, friendship, gentle love, tranquility, honour, mortality, emotional love, compassion and relaxation.